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I Have a Fire Inside

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It’s funny how you find ideas that fit your way of life. For a long time I agreed with Didion when she said she didn’t respect people who never left home. Now I’m not so sure that’s a virtue. The people who stay in their hometowns, who face their pasts, who live among family, those people are the tough ones. They’re the ones who are willing to live for something that goes beyond that selfish idea of “getting what you want.” Who ever said we were owed that? Who promised that to us? In our time, everyone knows there is a whole world out there and that all you need to see it is enough money to get on a plane. You don’t have to be brave to leave. You have to be brave to stay.

Bart Schaneman

As usual, a writer a lot smarter than I am has helped me to work through something I’ve been thinking a great deal about. Thank you, Bart. Your words, as usual, are filled with wisdom and have helped me feel less alone.